Stretching on a Daily Basis Will Allow You to:

  • Improve your energy levels – When we get tired, our muscles tighten and cause us to feel even more lethargic. By standing up to stretch, you can gain a helpful boost of energy that will make you more focused and alert.
  • Reduce soreness – Stretching throughout the day, as well as before and after a workout, helps your muscles to relax through increased nutrient supply by improved blood flow.
  • Enhance your flexibility – Want to improve your range of motion? Try stretching! You’ll not only have more flexible joints, but you’ll also decrease your risk of injury.
  • Promote blood circulation – Not only will increased blood flow help muscle soreness, but it also promotes cell growth and organ function.
  • Improve your posture – Stretching your muscles, especially in the lower back, shoulders and chest, can keep your back in better alignment and improve your posture.
  • Relieve stress – Improving blood flow, taking the time to relax and building up stamina can boost your mood and make you feel more at ease.

Remember, you don’t need any special equipment to reap the benefits of stretching! Try doing it in the mornings, before you go to bed, and before and after you exercise to maximize each health benefit listed above. Not only will this help you improve your performance on your weight-loss journey, but it will help get your mind in the right spot, too!